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In 1978, when Royal first opened its doors, specialty coffee was an afterthought, existing far from the mainstream, in the realm of the few. Until that time, the best coffees were for the most part imported by the institutional roasters and blended in with the lower grades to make their canned products palatable. Of course this was all about to change. As the eighties dawned, public awareness was growing and new roasters were coming on line to fuel this demand. Royal Coffee was born of a need to service this slowly growing band of entrepreneurs who needed an ally to facilitate their expectations of higher quality. Through the years we’ve tried to do just that by developing an international family of independent farmers and exporters who share our pride in bringing you fine coffee.
Much of the satisfaction for us comes with the understanding that the pursuit of fine coffees is never ending and ever-widening and we will continue to find new mountains to climb in search of them. When new regions are explored, it is our stated goal to reward the people who coax these riches from the earth and to help them sustain and protect the environment in which they live and work. As for you, the customer, our philosophy is simple. We don’t care what size your operation, we respond to enthusiasm and to those who love coffee as much as we do. We’re here to help you succeed. We have over 140 years of combined cupping and market experience and we stand behind every bag we sell to you. We want to thank our long time customers for their trust and support and invite those new to the game to check us out as well.
As Royal celebrates thirty years in the specialty coffee business, we’ve come to learn that specialty is more than just a marketing term. Selling the same old commercial-grade coffee and calling it “gourmet” brings to mind that classic expression: “putting lipstick on a pig.” We believe the coffee should speak for itself. If you’re thinking you’d like to participate in purchasing truly superior coffees, while not paying unreasonable prices, we invite you to examine our offering list.
Royal brings in coffees from most origins on a regular basis. We carry a large Spot inventory as well. Call one of our salespeople for informed, honest information about the best coffees in the world: 800-843-0482
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