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Perhaps the truest test of one's devotion to coffee would be to eliminate the caffeine and then see who keeps coming back for more. Considering they get all the show and none of the go, it stands to reason that a decaf drinker actually is the most devoted coffee lover of all! For years, this long-suffering subculture has been mired in what can really only be described as the dregs of the coffee world. Decaf has too often been the dumping ground for cheap, old, and defective coffees that do not pass muster as the real stuff. Combine this with decaffeination processes which can create flavors ranging from flat and dry to downright astringent, and the final result in the cup is hardly worthy of our devoted brethren.
No More!
For several years now we have been offering our Royal Select Water Process Decaf, and it is safe to say that the results speak for themselves. First of all, we start with the absolute best from our offering sheet. Kenya Auction lots? Single Estate Huehues? Fair-Trade Organic Perus? You bet. The real magic happens when we send the coffee to be decaffeinated. Descamex, in Veracruz, has developed a non-contact water process which returns the coffee in such good shape that sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between the decaf and the regular. If you have not had the opportunity to try one of our RSW Decafs, please give us a call and we'll shoot you a sample. It's the least we can do for the true coffee fanatics out there.
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